Now that I have graduated from one of the India’s premier institute , IIM Indore.

I remember when I was about to join the college, there was a question in my mind, If I want to do an MBA or IIM?
Still after graduating, I ask the same question to myself, whether I completed my MBA or IIM?


Does the word ‘IIM’ sounds louder than ‘MBA’ in Indian context?

Getting their children into IITs/IIMs is a dream for most of the North Indian Parents (the very same sharmajis and vermajis).
They have predefined a ‘safalta chakra‘, a success path which every born child must undergo.

Sometimes I feel, life is like ‘temple run’ game where we are running for success by crossing the various success stages defined by our society.
The typical stages are:
– Stage1 – IIT (diffuculty level 70%)
– Stage2 – IIM (diffuculty level 80%)
– Stage3 – IAS (diffuculty level 90%)
The moment we step into +2, we are asked (sometimes forced) to crack IIT JEE.
If we make into IIT, we rocked, else we have one more chance to prove ourselves which is to get into an IIM (the stage 2).
Again we work hard to crack CAT, one of the difficult exam to qualify(equally difficult to conduct as well after listening the lectures by Prof. Rohit Kapoor, the CAT convenor).
If we manage to crack the CAT and get admission into some IIMs, we crossed the second stage of success. (Take a pause and say Cheers!!)
Still the chakra is not completed. The final stage is IAS, cracking the civil service examination.

Anyway, like many others I too wanted to join IIM for the sake of getting into IIM but there is more than a tag we get from here.

  • It opens a door to be part of a vibrant community, a pool of great scholars and best gurus in the country which I will be cherishing throughout my life.
  • I learnt a few fundamentals (jargons) in areas such as marketing, finance, strategy, supply chain etc.
  • I learnt that I was in a large crowd of hugely competitive and gifted peers.
  • I learnt how to confuse others if can’t convince.(like a typical consultant)
  • I learnt to give the ‘Global gyan’ to everyone.:)

Above all, it did give me the “thappa” (stamp) of being an IIM alumnus.
At the end, what more does one need to be successful or happy in life?

Now, with this tag and whatever little knowledge I gained during my studies, I wish to contribute back to my country in whatever capacity I CAN and see it in the league of developed (both economically and morally) nation.

So, friends life goes on and I wish to cross the next stage of the ‘safalta chakra’.




Is Money Everything in life?


Before coming to the money part, let’s go back to the era for some time when money was not into existence and let’s analyze how people survived those days? There was barter system in place where people used to exchange their goods in order to suffice their needs. Later to standardise the whole exchange system, coins were introduced and later the more modified version is currency.


Yes, money is everything.

Again, in this competitive world money is the need and its demand varies from the state of livelihood. A farmer needs money to grow crops, a beggar needs money to fill the empty stomach, a middle class person needs money to take care of his/her family well, a richy rich person also needs money to become richiest rich..Hence certainly there is need of money and that need varies from person to person.

Money brings in a sense of safety and calmness as when we see to have money in our bank account we feel confident. We work 9 hrs a day and sometimes slog for more than 12 hrs to earn some extra money even when we do not like our boss., the only factor is Money.

Money defines your position in society, and higher the position, more respect youhave. Who do not want to be respected? In colleges a student merit is judged by his/her package what he received during campus placement. If you have money, you are King.


No, Money is not everything:

Can you buy everything with money? Can you buy happiness? Can you buy a relationship? Can you buy love? And moreover, can you live without all these? We are social animals which means we are born to socialize and definitely no money can buy socialization.

“With money you can buy a house but not a home; With money you can buy a clock but not time;  With money you can buy a bed but not sleep; With money you can buy a book but not knowledge; With money you can buy a doctor but not health; With money you can buy a position but not respect; With money you can buy blood but not life;  With money you can buy sex but not love.” (Unknown)

Money is also a root cause for many evils like these days most of the crime happens for money. Money makes you greedy and jealous and slowly you start losing respect. Money can be earned but respect can’t be.



Money has both advantages and disadvantages. We need to prioritize our life and earn sufficient by keeping a balance between other aspects of life too. Also, we should not go greedy for money that we start compromising on relations, love and health as at the end we human are social animals. If money can build you, it can destroy you too… So my dear friends, net net is earn money but keep a balance in other aspects of life too as Money is not everything in life.
(dedicated to one of my wanna be editor friend) 

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